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FundRazr Campaign - Mr Beams LED Lights

Due to Funded Justice’s impending closure later this month, our campaign against Mr Beams LED Lights USA has now been moved over to the Fundrazr website instead. Anyone wanting to donate or share our story can click on the new link here.

This week marks the one hundredth week since our campaign was launched and despite not receiving any donations so far, we hope at the very least all the shares, likes and views since June 2017 have helped to make the community a bit safer, by shining light on some of the security threats that exist online.

Ironically, the website Mr Beams USA were so intent on getting their grubby hands on in 2014 that they resorted to hijacking it, has now become a platform where their unethical business practices are being aired.

Since our last post Mr Beams USA was acquired by the world’s most valuable company, Amazon. (To read more about this acquisition simply click here). In light of these recent developments we thought we'd ask the new owner of Mr Beams USA the following pertinent questions;

Dear Mr Jeff Bezos,

  1. Do you think it is ok for companies to collude and obtain unauthorised access to websites and customer lists that don’t belong to them?

  2. Are the actions taken against us by Mr Beams' former owners in-line with the values held at Amazon?

  3. Is Amazon now going to bully and harass us into handing over our domain and customer list just like Mr Beams USA did?

If your response to these questions is no and you would prefer to resolve this matter as soon as possible, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us directly via the following email address.

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