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Funded Justice Campaigne Update - Mr Beams LED Lights

Following on from our previous blog post entitled, ‘Help Us Maintain a Fair and Safe Trading Environment’, here’s the link where people can go to donate.

When forming your decision whether to donate, below are a some additional points to consider;

  1. Mr Beams LED Lights has been aware of our use of the trading name, ‘MRBEAMS.COM.AU’ and domain name ‘’ since March 2011. Despite this, Mr Beams LED Lights sort to opposed our trade mark application in 2015.

  1. The trading name, ‘MRBEAMS.COM.AU’ and domain have never been owned or used by Mr Beams LED Lights and have at all material times been registered to Home Lighting Solutions P/L.

  1. Home Lighting Solutions P/L has never entered into a contractual arrangement, whereby it would be required to transfer ownership of its trading name or domain name to Mr Beams LED Lights.

Help us get this to trial and send a message to Mr Beams LED Lights that it’s not acceptable to engage in collusive and criminal conduct against other companies. As mentioned previously, all money raised and awarded by the Federal Court will be donated to MND Australia.

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