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Something Old Becomes Something New...Again.

Australians have always loved their antique and mid-century furniture, but the extent of their love has become increasingly obvious since the explosion of online secondhand furniture stores. The ubiquitous, mass-produced furniture offered for sale by the major department stores is starting to become a thing of the past, as more household floors are occupied by much older and more mature antique and mid-century pieces.

With such a wide range of antique and mid-century furniture available online nowadays, shoppers are starting to move away from the new and often cheaply made pieces, and instead opting for unique antique and mid-century versions that have a story to tell and have stood the test of time.

With wages steadily on the decline and property prices continuing to sky rocket, many consumers simply don’t have as much disposable income and are less likely to spend the spare change they have on something designed to last only a couple of years before ending up in the hard rubbish collection. They are becoming more resourceful, searching for furniture made during a time when things were crafted by hand and made to last a lifetime, for several generations to enjoy.

The reasons why consumers are warming to antique and mid-century furniture is pretty clear, but how do you flawlessly introduce these pre-loved heirlooms into your modern home or apartment? Well, you just need to adopt the philosophy that opposites attract. Take two completely different design elements, throw them into the mix and voilà, you now have something truly magic!

The interior of your home should reveal a bit of a story and incorporate several styles from different eras. The worst interior design error you can make is to stick to one theme, whether you’ve chosen a showroom of the latest living room furniture from Harvey Norman or the finest collection of Hayson and Fler pieces from the 1960s. Variety is the key and adding a good selection of pieces from different eras can help to create a more homely environment. Simply place an intricately carved and curvy Chippendale armchair opposite a flame mahogany Georgian chest of drawers to highlight the rich wood tones and smooth lines. If your kitchen is filled with glossy white cabinetry, spice things up a bit with a mid-century teak buffet, reclaimed industrial island bench, antique butchers block or even some reproduction mid-century Erik Buch barstools, as illustrated in the image below.

Replica Erik Buch Barstools

If you’re on the hunt for a particular antique or mid-century piece of furniture for your home don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we might just have it in stock.


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