Restored Australian Red Cedar Five Drawer Tallboy. Circa 1900. French polished and fitted with new hardwood drawer runners, this very function chest of drawers from the Victorian era features;

  • Traditional shellac finish.
  • Rich Cedar tone.
  • Five hand-dovetailed solid Cedar drawers.
  • Original cedar handles with wooden screws.
  • New hardwood drawer runners.  
  • Brass keyhole inserts and drawer locks.
  • Lovely woodgrain figuring (particularly to the cedar top).

A very solid set of drawers well equipped for everyday use. The original drawers are structurally very sound (re-glued and nailed where required), very clean inside, sit straight and flush and open and close like new (smooth and quiet). New hardwood drawer runners fitted to all drawers. The original internal drawer guides have also been reglued, nailed and screwed where required. Original backboards complete and in good order (last image).

 Note: one of the wooden screws for the handles has been replace with a screw and washer and there is a hairline crack along one of the larger drawers that has been repaired (glued and secret nailed).

Dimensions (mm) 1105W x 495D x 1030H

Restored Australian Red Cedar Five Drawer Tallboy.